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i still love drawing my space champion

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Yeah, we have seen Hermann taking care of Newton, worrying about Newton, drifting Newton and protecting Newton.
Now, all I want to see in Pacific Rim 2 is more Newton taking care of Hermann like helping him with his leg and stuff.

you mean carrying him bridal style away from background explosions because

that’s exactly what I’m expecting: nerd love and unnecessary explosions

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seriously tho this gif is basically my headcanon on what Herms & Newt’s expressions are when they first see each other naked. like Herms is like OoooOOoMG and Newt is all giddy and happy like OMG with a dopey smile on his face


original gif set here X

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Because there’s what I believe.. and then there’s you.

Inspired by [x].

Asker lemonsweetie Asks:
You reblogged a thing yesterday asking what was most noticeable about your art style. And two things really stick out for me, your wonderful grasp on anatomy, and your very sketchy styled shading. I can always tell when it's your art right away. and I looovvveee it very dearly. Thanks for always sharing it with all us tumblr people ouo
orsane orsane Said:

Oh god, thank you #о#